The first session is a 75-90 minute comprehensive evaluation, where we have a chance to meet and ascertain your treatment needs. At the conclusion of the session, and with an understanding of previous and ongoing difficulties, social and life circumstances, goals, and previous treatment experiences, we will be able to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon plan which may include psychotherapy and/or medications. Additionally, any necessary tests will be ordered.

Psychotherapy sessions are 50 minutes long, usually weekly, and medications are used as necessary.

Medication management sessions are 20 or 50 minutes, and are usually monthly or less frequent, depending on need.

For privacy considerations and to provide more personalized care, Dr. Lerner is not a participating provider with any insurance company. You may pay via check, credit/debit card, or HSA/FSA debit card. If you have a PPO policy, you may be reimbursed by your insurance for a portion of the out-of-network charges. Please check with your insurance company for out-of-network coverage information.

Psychopharmacotherapy & Psychoneuroendocrinology Consultation service is available for treatment resistant cases or where an endocrine component is suspected. The consultation usually consists of two sessions. During the first 90-minute appointment, a comprehensive history is obtained and any necessary tests are ordered. During the second visit, which is usually 50 minutes, further information is gathered and overall findings are discussed. A consultation report is then made available directly to the patient or to the referring physician.

Fitness-for-duty evaluations are also available. Dr. Lerner has performed numerous evaluations for the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board and for other governmental and private entities.